Batch Compiler is the one and only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for batch scripts. With the help of built in powerful compiler, Now you can convert your batch files into pure stand-alone windows executables including your Company name, Copyright info, Version info and embedded resources!

Unlike other bat to exe solutions, Batch Compiler can handle complex batch scripts and compile batch files easily with the built in Intelli-Parse technology and batch file debugger.

Batch Compiler flawlessly works on all versions of Windows, configurations and languages including virtual machines! It encrypts your code and creates an actual native Windows .EXE program. These .EXE do not require any pre-installed software to function.

Benefits of using Batch Compiler


  • Bookmarks.
  • Intellisense.
  • Syntax highlighting and Syntax folding.
  • Code Auto-Completion.
  • Multi script tabbed interface.
  • Debugger, Check your code for syntax errors.
  • Run & debug your script while editing.
  • Advance Commands (BrowseFiles, LaunchSilent, MouseCMD)
  • Script Cloud. Free, public cloud storage for sharing batch scripts.
  • 100+ useful examples. 
  • Discussion forum. 


  • Powerful, versatile compiler.
  • Allows mouse input in batch files.
  • Use Windows Common Dialog Boxes in batch files.(BrowseFiles, BrowseFolders)
  • Draw graphics in batch files.
  • Reverse engineering proof encryption of source code.
  • Embed resources with executable.(music, images, files)
  • Include Company name, Copyright info and Version info.
  • Make invisible(silent) executables.
  • Digitally sign your executables. [coming soon]
  • Executables with administrator privileges.
  • Stand-alone executables. No dependencies needed.
  • Executables are working on almost all windows operating systems.(98 to 10)


Get the FREE version of Batch Compiler here. With it you can use compiled EXEs on a single PC without any limitation. If you are planning to distribute your EXEs, you will have to purchase a Business license.

Latest version

Version 21.0.0
Size 3.4 MB
Platform Windows
Changes Change Log
Release date Apr 21st, 2021
Release notes if you are a PRO user, contact us for this update.

We have earned such a good reputation among customers as well as competitors for our efforts in past few years which boost us with motivation to produce better and better.


Previous versions

Version Release Date File SizeChanges
20.0.0 Apr 06th, 2020 3.1 MB Change Log
18.0.0 Oct 12th, 2018 3.4 MB Change Log
17.1.0 Aug 17th, 2017 3.2 MB Change Log

System Requirments

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Microsoft .Net Frameworks 4.5 or higher. (version 4.5 is included in installer.)
  • 20 Megabytes disk space.


Advance Commands

Advance Command are unique to Batch Compiler. They are specially designed to perform advance operations; To see beyond. Lets see how you can use them.

The rule

You MUST use prefix rem with the Advance command for the compiler to recognize the Advance Command. And there must be only one space between the prefix and command.Otherwise it will stay as a comment.

Rem Hideself <-- CORRECT
Rem  Hideself <-- INCORRECT
RemHideself <-- INCORRECT


  • rem Add [Number1] [Number2]
  • Adds two numbers and returns the result in the variable %result%

  • rem BrowseFiles [ ??? Optional_File_Extention ] [ %~dps0 Optional_Start_Path ]
  • Use Windows Common Dialog box to browse for a file. Use %~dps0 for the Start_Path to browse in the EXE path. Selected file is stored in variable %result%

  • rem BrowseFolder
  • Use a Windows Dialog to browse for a folder. Selected folder is stored in the variable %result%

  • rem ChangeColor [Integer_FGcolor(0-15)] [Int_BGcolor(0-15)]
  • Changes the color text will be printed on the screen

  • rem Hideself
  • Allows the compiled batch file window to go invisible and run in the background.

  • rem ShadeBoxAt [Int_Y] [Int_X] [Int_Height] [Int_Width] [Int_ShadeType(1-4)]
  • Hides Cursor. Shades a box on the screen at the Y X coordinates with the specified dimensions.

  • rem ShowSelf
  • Allows the compiled batch file window to reappear after going invisible with HideSelf.

  • rem Wait [Integer_Milliseconds]
  • Waits the specified number of milliseconds before continuing (1000 = 1 second)

There's more here! and a documentation with the software itself. If you are interested, You can download and try full feature enabled free version before you buy a license.

Tips & Tricks


  • Use the variable %myfiles% to access files you embedded with your executable.

  • Default batch file window size is 80x25 in spaces.

  • Use ChangeColor when using PaintScreen to change the text backround color to match the current background color.

  • Be sure not to use any commands that may require user input while the compiled batch file is hiding with the HideSelf command.

Graphic Wizard

  • Choose the FG (foreground) and BG (background) colors you wish to use with the color strip (bottom right) [left click on a color to choose it as a FG color and right click for BG color]

  • Choose type of tool in preview box (top right)

  • Click where you would like the top-left corner of the tool to start. Then click the bottom-right corner in the work surface. This should draw a box based on which tool was selected in the previous step..

  • Click the "Wait30ms" button when you wish to start a new "frame" if you are creating an animation. This will also refresh the GE Wiz window.

  • Click the "Copy Code to Clipboard" command button. Paste in Batch Compiler, then Run to test.

  • Examples can be found in menu 'Advance --> Examples'


  • Why Batch Compiler?
  • (a)--Its has the best tools and environment to develop a batch program.
    (b)--Most secured compiling of batch files compared to other solutions.
    (c)--It has over 40 Advance Commands which are unavailable in other solutions.
    (d)--It has a debugger, that check your code for errors and save your development time.
    finally, You can draw graphics and animations in batch files with Batch Compiler.

  • When do I have to buy a license?
  • Well, You are free to use the compiled executables in compiled PC without any restrictions. But you will have to buy a Business license if you are going to distribute your executables. Read more about buying a license here.

  • What is the relation with Advance BAT to EXE Converter?
  • Batch Compiler uses a specially designed version of Advance BAT to EXE Converter as the core compiler which is called Advance BAT to EXE Converter BC. The best batch development environment along with the best bat-to-exe converter put together, we provide you the best solution ever in the market for compiling batch files.

  • Do I have to modify my batch files before compiling?
  • Not at all. You can compile your files as they are, Because our compiler do the hard work for you. Batch Compiler can handle any complex or long syntax very easily.

  • If I buy a license, do I have to pay for further updates?
  • You have 1 year free updates and discounts there after. Plus 24/7 technical support for free and pro versions.